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Blood Group Diet: A (Part 4 of 4)

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Blood Group A: Foods that stimulate Weight Loss
Foods that stimulate Weight Loss
□ Vegetable oils – prevent water retention and aid digestion
□ Soy foods – metabolize rapidly and aid digestion
□ Vegetables – aid digestion and increase intestinal mobility
□ Pineapple – increases calorie utilization and intestinal mobility

Blood Group A: Foods that cause Weight Gain
Foods that cause Weight Gain
□ Meat – stores as fat, increase digestive toxins, and digests poorly
□ Dairy foods – inhibit nutrient metabolism
□ Kidney beans, lima beans – slow metabolic rate and interfere with digestive enzymes
□ Wheat – overabundance impairs calorie utilization

In a nutshell
Group A individuals should avoid consuming dairy products, and reduce foods prepared through frying, deep-frying, stir-frying and roasting. Taking in too much meat inhibits the normal bodily organs from functioning well, and thus increases the chances of suffering from heart attack, brain tumor, stroke, constipation, skin cancer and other cancer.

The recommended diet ratio for Group A individuals:
□ Vegetables: 55%
□ Fruits: 20%
□ Grains, nuts and seeds (beans and legumes should be consumed after sprouting): 20%
□ Eggs and seafood (if already consumed eggs for the day, one should restrain from consuming seafood, and vice versa): 5%

In term of exercises, group A individuals are not suitable to engage in high-intensity workouts. It is recommended to practice yoga, qi gong, tai chi and other related activities. Spend more time in meditation helps to calm both the mind and the body, and achieve overall well-being.

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