Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Time for Breakfast?

BreakfastAfter waking up from sleep in the morning, when is the best time for breakfast? According to nutritionists, the best time for breakfast is about 30 minutes after waking up. This is the time we have the best appetite, and our digestive system also works at its optimal level. Before taking breakfast, it’s good to consume 500ml of plain water. Not only it helps in digestion, it also helps to rehydrate the body, detoxifies the body, and reduces the stickiness of the blood.

The types of food for breakfast should be easily digested, highly nutritious but not oily. It’s best to consist of the following four (4) groups of food: First is bread, porridge or other carbohydrates. Second is meat, egg or other animal-based product. Third is milk or bean-made products. Fourth are fresh greens and fruits.

Breakfast should be served warm and not overly cold, as cold food reduces the function of our digestive tracts.

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