Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blood Group Diet: O (Part 4 of 4)

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Blood Group O: Foods that cause Weight Loss
Foods that stimulate Weight Loss
□ Red meat – stimulates metabolism
□ Broccoli, spinach, and kale - stimulate metabolism
□ Seafood, kelp – contain iodine and stimulates thyroid hormone production
□ Iodized salt – contains iodine and stimulates thyroid hormone production
□ Liver - stimulates metabolism

Blood Group O: Foods that cause Weight Gain
Foods that cause Weight Gain
□ Corn – slows the metabolism
□ Cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts – inhibit thyroid hormone
□ Mustard greens – inhibit thyroid production
□ Lentils – inhibit improper nutrient metabolism
□ Navy beans, kidney beans – impair calorie utilization
□ Wheat gluten – slows the metabolism

In a nutshell
Group O individuals need to consume small amount of meat from time to time. If Group O individuals go on long term vegetarian diet, their bodies are unable to absorb the necessary and complete nutrients needed by the autoimmune system, and thus will fall sick easily.

The recommended diet ratio for Group O individuals:
Vegetables: 75%
Fruits: 10%
Meats, seafood, small amount of goat milk (not cow milk): 10%
Seeds and grains: 5%

In term of exercises, it is recommended to go on personal favourite high-intensity workouts in order to achieve high aerobic result, such as playing football, rope skipping, jumping, running, 100-m sprint and so on.

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serra said...

hello...aren't pork a type of red meat???

|| Eugene Lim || said...

Yes, it is. :)

sara said...

is chicken allowed for o positive people

|| Eugene Lim || said...

Hi sara, Chicken is allowed for Blood Group O. :)