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Blood Group Diet: AB (Part 1 of 4)

Blood Group ABDisclaimer:
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Blood group AB individuals are blessed with inheriting the two dominant genes – A and B. Since both A and B are dominant genes, AB is the only blood group with two dominant traits.

ABs are susceptible to both A and B diseases, making them prone to cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases. Research has also noticed a clear trend for women of this blood group to have many menstrual problems – such as excessive bleeding, clotting, cramping, and irregular menstrual cycles – either leading to hysterectomies or continued misery. A large number of women who experienced menstrual problems also experienced migraine and other headaches. There is a clear pattern of hormonal imbalance that plagues this blood group. ABs are slightly more muscular than As but less muscular than Bs. It is easier for an AB to build muscle than an A, but in some cases, ABs have as difficult a time building muscle as As.

Multiple antigens make Group ABs sometimes A-like with weak stomach acid, and sometimes B-like with genetically programmed for the consumption of meats. Eating properly for an AB requires guidelines similar to Group As, but with small amounts of animal protein. ABs should acquire their vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids through plant and vegetable proteins.

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