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Blood Group Diet: AB (Part 4 of 4)

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Blood Group AB: Foods that stimulate Weight Loss
Foods that stimulate Weight Loss
□ Tofu – stimulates metabolic efficiency
□ Seafood – promotes metabolic efficiency
□ Dairy products – improve insulin productivity
□ Green vegetables – improve metabolic efficiency

Blood Group AB: Foods that cause Weight Gain
Foods that cause Weight Gain
□ Red meat – stores as fat, is poorly digested, and creates toxicity in the intestinal tract
□ Kidney beans, lima beans – cause hypoglycemia, slow metabolic rate, and inhibit insulin efficiency
□ Seeds – inhibit insulin efficiency
□ Corn – causes hypoglycemia
□ Buckwheat – decreases metabolism
□ Wheat – decreases metabolism, is an inefficient use of calories, inhibits insulin efficiency

In a nutshell
Group AB individuals should avoid taking beef and chicken.

The recommended diet ratio for Group AB individuals:
□ Vegetables: 55%
□ Rhizomes: 15%
□ Fruits: 5%
□ Grains, nuts and seeds: 15%
□ Eggs, goat milk, and their derivative products: 10%

In term of exercises, group AB individuals are advised to take light- to moderate-intensity workout.

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