Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The right knee pain...

Knee PainIt has been more than a week and my right knee pain is still there to stay. Actually it is not very serious. I don’t feel the pain even when I walk briskly or walking up staircases. However, I will feel a light pressure on the right knee when I’m walking down the staircases. Yesterday when I did my class, I felt uncomfortable even when turning the heel up when doing some punches. Went to see western doctor and he only gave me pain killer. I guess I’ll have to see Chinese sensei if condition persists. I also hope that this weekend when I’m away from classes, I can get my dear knee some rest.

Due to the unexpected joint problem, and absence from classes for a weekend, I guess I'm unable to keep up with my average daily 800+ Calories burning this week. Sigh!

I still believe that it was the treadmill that caused my knee pain. Ha ha! Will avoid using the cardio machines for long long time! It's safer exercising in a class than on the machines for me, gee gee gee!


jeandesign said...

When free you can try to use chinese medicinal herbs ( Di Ta Zhao ) to massage ur knee
or use a hot ’s wet towel to rub ur knee & keep massage from down to top.
This 2 method are last time my friend told me, dunno is it good for u?
Hope ur knee can get well soon!:)

|| Eugene Lim || said...

Thank you, jeandesign.