Monday, May 26, 2008

Have you ever burnt RM100 before? (Part 1 of 3)

Money BurningI attended a 3-day seminar called The Millionaire Mind Intensive over the weekend, co-conducted by speaker and trainer, also the author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Mr. T. Harv Eker. The crowd size was enormous: a whooping 4,800 participants, with people coming from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Bangladesh, Australia, France, United Kingdom, and many other countries. It was a real nationality fest!

This 3-day seminar was, as its name suggested, intense! It started on Friday's morning at 9 AM and finished after 11 PM. Then on Saturday, it started at 9 AM again and ended after 10 PM. It ended slightly earlier because the next day, Sunday, we continued at 8 AM! (The seminar concluded at about 8 PM on Sunday's night.) Although I didn't get enough sleep for two consecutive nights, with less than 6 hours of rest per night, my mind was still able to stay awaken and clear during the day time. See, human mind can really do wonders when we want it to do so. Another thing I found out was that my body got dehydrated awfully fast at sleep for those two nights. On usual nights, I normally loss about 7.5% of water at sleep, even with urination in the middle of the night. For those two nights when I had lesser sleeping hours, I lost as much as 9.43% of water at sleep, and I didn't even wake up in the middle of the night to urinate. Scary!

OK, let's get back to the question: Have you ever burnt RM100, your own cash, your own money, right in front of your naked eyes, in your life before?

One of the topics that we talked about during the seminar was to realize our attachment to money. Is money important to you? What is the relationship between you and your money? You work for money, or money works for you? You are the master to money, or the slave to money?

(You can ask yourself about these questions too and see what are your answers before continuing reading.)

Because we were there to learn more about money, 4,800 of us agreed on the statement that "I rule money, money doesn't rule me." (I guess nobody would want to say or admit that they are slave to money and money is controlling or ruling them, right? What about you? Do you agree on this statement?)

Then, we were asked to bring out our RM100 bank note on the spot. (We were told to bring a RM100 bank note to the seminar beforehand.) We didn't know what happened at first, so we just reached out to our wallets for the bank note. Some people didn't have one RM100 bank note (hardly see people using RM100 bank notes nowadays), so they took out two pieces of RM50 bank notes instead. When we were doing so, we saw the staffs of the seminar showing up around us, some holding lit candles, some holding pails of water, and some with fire extinguisher in their hands!

Huh, what is going on? We looked at each other and asked. Are we going to burn our money?

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Daniel said...

Wow... Interesting challenge! To do or not to do, that is the question! I have always appreciated this line from Shakespear....

Nonetheless, I have to admit, that I do think I'm a slave to money. I hope you have the answer on how to make money to be the slave here... :P

serra said...

Master or Slave, it's just the matter of our perceptions. Different people looking at the same thing, surely will have different point of view.

But i think it doesn't really matter if we use money wisely which means we spend for our own benefits without harming or intefering others.

However, i think at this critical moment, we should donate our $$ to the refugees in china first!!!


.Lots love.

jeandesign said...

Before I become a master to money , I am a slave to money too.
(I’m quite confuse to know myself is what kind of person…ha! :P)
Because without work for money, I no money to earn more & more money.

Some millionaire is look little money big like cow’s cartwheel, I no believe they will burnt their RM100. If surely want to burnt, I guess is only the speaker will burn his RM100, because his already earn more money from the seminar, burn RM100 is only a way to increase the persuasion of his speech.

However, I also interesting how the millionaire’s thinking.:)