Thursday, May 29, 2008

I was on wheelchair!

On WheelchairI really have no idea what is going on to me this month. First my right knee, now my left foot. Anyway, I'm still alive, gee gee gee!

It happened at Track 5 in my regular Tuesday's BodyCombat class, and I had chosen Girlfriend to be played. In this track, during the chorus section of that song, the two opposing teams will run toward each other and do a Plyometric Jump before moving back to where they were. This jump is a jump by lifting both knees up towards the chest and then land soft to the ground. The song was nearing the end, and I was moving around the room and giving few members double high-five when we jumped. Everything was smooth and fun, until I went to a makcik and jumped for double high-five. I landed before her after our jumps. Well, maybe I looked extra adorable on that day, or maybe she was just too excited seeing me, she actually jumped toward me and then landed her feet on my left foot!

Ah~~~ I felt the pain instantly and I nearly cried it out! But I knew I was in the midst of a class, so I just moved away from her to finish on the rest of that track. The song ended, and I went back to the stage and allowed the class for water break. While walking to the stage, I knew I had sprained my left foot. Before I continued the class, I told the class that I might have sprained my foot, but the class will still go on. I carried the second half of the class in great pain. During the cool down, I nearly fell off when doing the single-legged standing quadriceps stretch on my left foot. I dragged myself out from the studio with one leg, and walked that way until I reached home. Passersby at the shopping mall were staring at me when they saw me walking like a cripple.

I applied hot compression to my sprained left foot at night, hoping that it could help to promote the blood circulation. However, the pain didn't subside but extended to my ankle! I couldn't sleep well throughout the night with the tingling pain.

Then on yesterday, a beautiful and sunny Wednesday's morning, I drove myself to a private hospital for consultation and treatment. When I was dragging myself to the main lobby of the hospital, I was greeted with a wheelchair! The guard must have seen me walking lamely, thus offered me a wheelchair. I didn't accept his offer. I told him that I can still walk. So, I dragged myself to the emergency ward asking for treatment and X-rays on my left foot. The attending doctor examined my left foot, and lessoned me for using hot compression and thus making the left foot swelled. (The first treatment for any sport injury should be COLD compression, never ever apply hot compression unless we want the condition to get worsened.) He wrapped my left foot with bandage, at the same time teaching me how to do it myself at home for upcoming days. Then I was sent to radiology department for X-rays on my left foot. He said I have to restrain my left foot movement as much as possible, I have no choice but to sit on a wheelchair, first time in my life! A nurse pushed me on wheelchair to the radiology department. (I took the picture on my legs on wheelchair while waiting to take the X-rays.)

Because it took about 20 to 30 minutes to get the X-rays film to be developed, I asked the doctor if I can go for my lunch. He asked a nurse to push me to the hospital cafeteria, but I said I can do it myself. So, I rolled the wheelchair with my hands and there I went, ha ha!! I went to the cafeteria, ordered my food, ate my lunch, all on a wheelchair! I even made a phone call through public phone on the wheelchair as the battery on my handphone had run dry. (Forgot to charge the battery on the night before.)

The X-rays result came out and there was no fractures on my left foot. The doctor said it will take me over two months to recover if there were any fractures. "What about now?" I asked. "About two weeks," he replied. He then issued me a one-week MC.

X-Rays: My Left AnkleMy sexy and gorgeous left ankle on X-rays

Lessons learnt:
  • I was a lucky and happy person on earth! Luckily the member only stepped on one of my feet and not both. It is great to be able to walk. And I'm still standing tall like always. Oh yes!
  • I've never taken myself as a victim no matter what happens. I have never felt sorry for myself either. Some people might take this incident as being bad luck or whatsoever. But I don't take it that way. Remember this: Everything has no meaning until we give it one. And that meaning shapes our doing and being in our life. If you think you are great, you are. If you think you are not, then you probably are not. Think about how we want to live our life.
  • It would be fun if the wheelchair was electronically controllable. I would have cruised around the hospital and have some fun then. Ha ha!!
  • The hospitality service at the hospital was excellent. I was treated like a VIP guest. Well, I had been to private hospitals for countless of times, but those were all for visiting. This time being a patient by myself, it felt differently.


Stephanie said...

Another lesson! Makciks can be dangerful! Stay away!!!

jeandesign said...

Pls take care… … ,…

GOOD! U have optimistic’s thinking, though u are happen a small “accident”, but I still enjoyable ur article & feel laughy with funny. (Sorry!)

Hope ur feet can get a wonderful rest & recovery soon. Fighting!
C U! :)

serra said...

opppssss..sounds damn time better dont give any DOUBLE HIGH FIVE to yr students in yr combat class...!

so, dont think this sat you can teach in maxis right?

anyway, what hospital is that?

.get well soon.

Daniel said...

Sorry about your leg, Eugene. Anyway, I won't be going to your Friday class (tonight) as I have to go back to my hometown for the weekend. Guess we won't be seeing you for a week, huh? Get well soon. See you next week.
BTW, who was the Complain Queen that complained about you repeating tracks and all? Let me know and I'll give him a ketuk on the head that he won't forget! Even if you wont tell me, I can probably guess who, anyway. We gonna miss your Tuesdays class. :(
Take care, mate.

Daniel said...

Stephanie, Makciks are not "dangerful". They are just dangerous! Hehe...

|| Eugene Lim || said...

Thank you guys for your concerns. The situation is not that bad. As I said, I'm still living, ha ha! Nothing can stop us from fighting in life. ;-)

serra, I'm not doing Combat at Maxis this Saturday. In fact, I'm stopping classes for one week since my leg got hurt.

daniel, don't worry about who. The fact is, we can't satisfy everybody in our life. I'll still be carrying the Tuesday's Combat, just on alternate week. You can still see me on 2nd week of June, 4th week of June, and so on.

Cheers, guys! :D

serra said...

cheers...get well soon and take care!


SC said...

ooo..just read...take care my dear insurance agent!