Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Have you ever burnt RM100 before? (Part 2 of 3)

Money BurningContinued from Part 1...

"Guys, you rule money and money doesn't rule you? Talk is cheap! Show me you really mean it. You are going to burn your RM100 cash, one by one. Tonight! Here! Now!"

Wah... The crowd started to make some disbelieved noises.

"You're going to line up one by one, holding your money in your hand. When it's your turn, burn it!"

Wow... The crowd again expressed their mixed feelings. Burning real cash! Is that real? When we were still sitting there talking about what is going on, further instructions continued.

"Hold your money at one end while burning another end. Drop the side of the note that is going to catch fire lower than the side that you're holding. This way, the money can burn faster."

"When the fire has burnt about 50% of the note, drop the remaining part into the pail of water. Move away and allow the next person to burn his or her money."

"Because of some oil stains, older bank notes release black smoke when catching fire. Don't be alarmed. Continue to burn your money until at least 50% is burnt. Drop the remaining to the pail of water then."

"As you can see, our staffs have fire extinguishers ready by the sides. In case anything happens, they can help."

Oh! I'm going to burn my RM100 cash! Honestly speaking, I've never ever thought of burning my money before. Call me cheap. Although RM100 is not a huge amount nowadays, it's still money. I admit that from time to time I do spend money on unnecessary and useless stuff. But burning money? Am I out of my mind or what? Don't talk about RM100, even if just for RM1, if you ask me to burn it with fire directly, I doubt if I would do so. That's just mere crazy. I suddenly realized that sometimes the ways how I spent my money, it was actually no difference from burning money with fire directly. How many times have I actually spent on unimportant stuff? Those money, if not spent unnecessarily but use productively, such as invest into unit trust to grow more money, would have been more worthwhile. At least at the end, my money is working for me, and I'm that much richer than before. But if I've spent the money stupidly, I would have nothing at the end.

"OK guys. On your feet now. Line up and walk towards the fire. Let's burn some money!"

Are you also standing up now? Are you ready to burn your RM100? Are you set to go?

I stood up. The line was starting to move. Everybody was waiting for their turn to burn their hard-earned money...

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