Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One-leg stand

When we stand with only one leg, have you ever wondered why some people have better balance than others? Try stand in Tree Pose (Yoga), or do a standing quadriceps stretch (the muscles at the front of the thigh), why some of us cannot control our balance and stand steadily but falling here and there?

Tree Pose Tree Pose

Standing Quadriceps Stretch Standing Quadriceps Stretch

Someone told me it's because of our toes! To be precise, it's the length of the second toe. People with better balance when standing on one leg normally have longer second toe than their big toe. That is, if our second toe (the toe next to our big toe) is longer than our big toe, we can gain better control and stand more steadily with one leg. On the other hand, we will move here and there and find it difficult to stand still with one leg if our second toe is shorter than the big toe.

It seems like with a longer second toe, it can actually grip the floor firmer and stronger, thus grounding ourselves more steadily and provide better stability.

OK, before we continue, without looking at your own feet and/or toes, do you know if your second toe is longer or shorter than your big toe?

Once you've known if your second toe is longer or shorter than that of the big toe, stand on one leg in any pose that you like, Tree Pose, Aero Plane Pose, Dancer's Pose, stretch your quadriceps, anything. Can you stand steadily with control?

Now, write about your finding by posting a comment here. Is your second toe longer or shorter than your big toe? Can you gain your balance standing with one leg?

Just want to see if this "length-of-second-toe-determines-balance" thing makes sense.

Of course, through practice and technique, all of us can gain balance standing on one leg. For instance, focus or lock our eye sight at one particular point in front of us when we're performing any of the balancing pose. And, don't close the eyes!

OK. Let's go. Your turn to write now!

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tan said...

It's really. If the second toe is longer than big toe, we can stand steadily with one leg.

jeandesign said...

hahaha... "Sesame Green Bean" ( I like this adjective)

no wonder sometimes i can't stand steady with one leg lah! because of my second toe shorter than the big toe.

serra said...

hahhahaaaa...my second toe is longer than big toe too...but it should be longer than the big toe right...hhaaa....anyway, i cant get my balance too!