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Makan Trip to Penang (Part 3 of 3)

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Next, we moved to visit the famous Gurney Drive for dinner! All this while I had thought that this Gurney Drive food place was like a pasar malam but selling only foods, and it was located just by the seaside. I meant, food stalls were located at one side, and the other side was the sea. Then, I could walk along the food street, buy some food, eat them, walk to next food stall, buy some food again, eat them again, and walk to the next food stall, and repeat and repeat. When I was tired, I could then sit at the beach and enjoy the night sea view. To my disappointment, my dream didn’t come true. The Gurney food place was isolated from the beach. I still can see the beach, but it was at least a hundred meters away. I could find food stalls selling various foods here, but most of them were just selling the same type of foods. This pl
ace was meant for tourists, I guess, as I didn’t find the foods tastier. Heard that the locals wouldn’t patronized this place at all.

Ordered rojak, spring rolls, deep fried stuff and other foods. Rojak was ok (see picture below), spring rolls were so-so, and the deep fried stuff was something special to be mentioned! See, this stall sells all kind of deep fried stuff, from potato wedges, onion rings, chicken wings, prawns, sotong, to chicken buttocks and chicken skins (see picture below)! So I ordered deep fried sotong, onion ring, Taiwanese sausage, and, chicken skins (see picture below)! Wow! All of them were crispy and simply irresistible! While they tasted great, upon looking closer to the chicken skin, we found little chicken feather (see picture below)! Waaaaaaaaaaaa...!



Deep Fried Foods StallStall selling deep fried foods

Deep Fried FoodsOur Purchase

Little Feather on Chicken SkinLittle 'Cute' Feather on Deep Fried Chicken Skin

As this was only our appetizer for dinner, we moved on to look for prawn mee at another location! Reached the restaurant looking for the famous “Green House” prawn mee stall, but the restaurant was closed for the day. Oh no! Without further delay, we moved on to look for the “fried porridge”. Again, it was closed! Arrrrrrr! Without giving up on our hope, we moved on again to try the Fetty Loh chicken rice. And… yes, you got it right, it was closed for the day! But our spirit was still high, because we didn’t believe our luck was so bad. So, we moved on to hunt for the famous Hainanese chicken chop. Guess what? It was open! But the crowd in the place was huge! After placing our orders, I asked the waiter how long we need to wait for the food. He said at least 45 minutes. Duh… Anyway, it didn’t disappoint me when it arrived. Although deep fried, the chicken meat was tender and juicy. At RM6.50, it worth every single cent. (See picture below)

Hainamese Chicken ChopHainanese Chicken Chop

Grilled Chicken ChopGrilled Chicken Chop

As I couldn’t think of any supper to take, I went to Cold Storage at Island Plaza to buy a tub of ice cream (1 litre), and finished it at the balcony of the hotel room while enjoying the night sea view. Ho ho ho! (The night was so dark that there was nothing to see actually!)

The third day was the usual breakfast again. This time, they served Grape Fruit juice as well! They also added in the boneless fish cocktail to the selection. I picked up some sliced lemon and asked for tartar sauce to go with the fish. Yummy!

Lunch was taken at the food court inside Gurney Plaza. Ordered something called Japanese Fried Rice. Nothing to shout about.

We went back to New World Park for dinner before leaving to the airport. But before heading there, we bought char koay teow from a roadside stall which was highly recommended by the Penang friend. Maybe we packed the food and the taste wasn’t that great when we ate it at New World. On our way to the airport, we stopped by the roadside to buy Apom with sliced bananas within. It was good!

In a nutshell:
Of course there should be good foods at Penang in which I may have missed during my makan trip there. But overall, the foods didn't meet my expectations. Well, maybe I'll have better makan luck next time.

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