Tuesday, October 7, 2008

BodyVive™ 8

BodyVive 8BodyVive 8 has a great singalong, feel-good nature that everyone's going to love.

The music spans four decades – hits starting in the '80s, moving through to the '90s, then into the 21st century before finishing back in the '70s.

And, as always, there's a mix of fresh new moves to challenge and excite regular class members, along with variations on key moves you'll know from past releases.

8 has lots of highlights and there's none bigger than the Dance Cardio Track to the music of Irene Cara and Fame. This is where you get to become part of that vibrant, energetic, young group trying to find a ticket to stardom at the famous New York Performing Arts School.

And look forward to the Balance & Leg Strength Track to George Benson's On Broadway. This is challenging because the song is longer than usual and it has a cool new move for balance called the Fondue Sequence – from fondue, meaning 'to melt'.

There's a great Phil Collins track to wrap up the music and the class, which will leave everyone feeling rejuvenated, uplifted and ready for anything!

BodyVive 8 Sizzler

8 Track List:-
1. Stomp! ~ The Brothers Johnson
[Rise & Shine]
2. Venus ~ Bananarama
[Connect & Go]
3. Fame ~ Irene Cara [Dance Cardio]
4. Would I Lie To You? ~ Eurythmics [Interactive Cardio]
5. She Bangs ~ Ricky Martin
[Fitness Cardio]
6. Love's Theme ~ The Love Unlimited Orchestra [Tai Chi & Yoga]
7. On Broadway ~ George Benson [Balance & Leg Strength]
8. Pour Some Sugar On Me ~ Def Leppard
[Biceps, Upper Back & Shoulders]
9. Free Your Mind ~ En Vogue
[Hips, Glutes & Hamstrings]
10. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love ~ Taylor Dayne
[Ab Strength]
11. As ~ George Michael Duet with Mary J. Blige
[Back Care]
12. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me ~ Phil Collins
[Release & Restore]

(Words Count: Approximately 340)

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8 release?
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