Friday, October 10, 2008

BodyCombat™ 37

BodyCombat 37Fighters, welcome to BodyCombat 37, where you'll witness the fitness!

It's fully loaded with an arsenal of Strikes, Kicks and Blocks and will equip you with the tools you need to defeat the sedentary lifestyle that keeps creeping up on you.

An Underworld/Blade Vampire theme has been chosen for this class, which comes out strongly in Tracks 4 and 10. You'll love those powerful menacing moments where you can get in the zone and really let rip.

Watch out for the big focus on Brazilian Capoeira in Track 6 – the third combat track. Drills are used that take leg conditioning to a whole new level and you'll find out why after you've done the class a few times. It's a slow burn, with some awesome results when done correctly.

And of course we've got some great sounds from Fallout Boy feat. John Mayer, Matchbox 20 and Rogue Trader that'll drive your energy levels sky-high.

Enjoy BodyCombat 37
and stay with the fight!

BodyCombat 37 Sizzler

BodyCombat 37
Track List:-
1. Summer Of '69 / I Never Liked You
2. Beat It
3. Baby I'll Let You Know
4. We Will Survive / The Great Bouzouki
5. How Far We've Come
6. Stamp
7. Let The Beat Control Your Body
8. Sea Of Love (Hixxy Remix)
9. Church
10. Our Solemn Hour

(Words Count: Approximately 241)

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