Monday, April 21, 2008

So this is how it begun…

I have always wanted to start a personal web site years ago. However, it was the contents of the web site that stalled my plan. I just couldn’t think of anything to put up! Nobody is interested to visit a web site that has no contents, right? So, the plan just kept procrastinating…

Then, blogging took place. Friends started to talk about their personal blogs. Mass media spent time and efforts to talk about blogging. At first I didn’t care much. But later, after following through some blogs frequently and faithfully, I started to realize its influence and power on me. Some of the blogs actually inspired my personal life. Some enhanced knowledge in area of my interest. Some opened my eyes and imparted new knowledge to areas that I might have overlooked in life. And some simply made my days!

Because of all these, the idea of having my personal web site came alive again. Why don’t I start a blog that relates to what I do daily too? Everyday I meet up with a lot of people. These people care about their family. These people care about their money. These people care about their health. What I do everyday is to minimize their degree of uneasiness in these areas and thus maximize their enjoyment in life. Since I am sharing various information with people everyday, why don’t I also put up this information on the web site so that more people can read about them, and perhaps benefit from them?

In this blog, you will find write-ups on risk management, investment, finance, health, exercise, and other topics that relate to what we do daily, and how we can do them better. By gaining more knowledge and enhancement in the areas of our money and health, as a result, we can be better off than what we were before.

Welcome to Eugene’s blog, a little slice of the well-being heaven.

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