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Blood group and diet (Part 2 of 3)

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Blood group comes from the heredity of foods and their genes, and it’s closely related to the immune system of human body. According to medical statistical researches, many diseases are closely tight up with blood group. Blood group is inherited and represents contributions from both parents. In general, we inherit from either that of the father or the mother (such as group A, group O or group B), or the combination of both parents (such as group AB). If the father is of group A and mother is of group B, then the child can be that of group A, group B or group AB. He or she is also possible to take group O.

A little story here: Long time ago, human beings were herbivores or vegetarians, having the blood group that eats vegetables and fruits – group A. Their blood tends to be more alkaline. They are generally conservative, calm, and good at controlling themselves. Then there was a flood. People lost their land and were unable to eat vegetables and fruits. So, they moved uphill and started to hunt for animals. Meats made their blood to become acidic. To accommodate to the new environment, their blood group changed from group A to group O, the blood group that eats meat. People of blood group O have more acidic blood, and are generally crude, straightforward, easy to get angry and active.

After the flood, human beings brought the tamed animals back to the flat land and fed them there. They also started cultivation, started to exchange goods and trade for businesses. This enabled them to have the opportunity to taste variety of foods, and thus their diet became more balanced. Their blood group changed to group B, a more neutral blood. People of blood group B are generally more amiable, suave and friendly.

As people started to travel from one place to another for business trading, blood groups A, O and B started to mix through marriage. A new blood group AB was created as a result. Blood group AB is very unstable, as it can be converted back to A, B or O at their following generation. As such, people of blood group AB are generally having unstable moods and characteristics. They can be calm at one time but suddenly turn to become furious. They are sometimes amiable but self-centered.

Not only blood group affects our characteristics and personalities, it also determines what we should eat in order to stay healthy, for we will get sick if we eat wrongly. We should consider diet that matches our blood group.

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